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Lawyer and Certified Financial Planner Doug Michie is the owner of Michie Law Firm and has been providing help to clients for 31 years.

Our Mission:   "To assist our clients in improving their financial position."  

As a Certified Financial Planner, Doug advises clients with assets on how best to invest those assets, as well as with their estate planning.

But not everyone has started building wealth.  In fact, a majority of people are weighed down with consumer debt, spending their available funds on interest payments sent to credit card companies and banks.  One important aspect of our mission is helping clients to become free of consumer debt. 

For clients looking to become debt free, we help them decide how best to do this, based on their goals.  For those who wish to repay every dollar of debt, this may lead to a referral to a debt consolidation organization. For those who wish a shorter path to debt freedom, we assist in the settlement of their debts.  And finally, the best choice for some clients may be a bankruptcy discharge of their debts.

We are very client oriented and we CARE about our clients.  We work to communicate regularly and to stay in touch.

Why not let us help you work towards a better financial position?

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